Initial Public Offering (IPO) is when an unlisted company makes either a fresh issue of securities or an offer for sale of its existing securities or both for the first time to the public.

Some of the reasons why companies go for an IPO is as follows :

Additional Capital resources for funding of projects /expansion plans. Dilution of existing promoters share holding. Value Hedging PMS Listing enhances corporate image thus providing visibility.

Book Building and Fixed Price Issue are the two types of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) through which a corporate can raise money in the capital market.

In a book building public issue the bids are received at different price levels and the demand for the issue is built up over a period of time. Depending upon the bids received at different price levels the issue price is ascertained. In a fixed price issue the issue price is pre ascertained by the issuer.


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Investment Portfolio Advisory Services

We at MEFCOM believe that there is a tremendous need and scope in the business of Investment Portfolio Advisory Services, because the person today in pursuit of his desired goals has become too much engrossed in his self chosen business or job to such an extent that in spite of his will and desire to invest his disposable/ investible surplus funds he does not find the time to select, choose and make appropriate investments which would be in sync (tune) with his investment horizons and risk/return appetites. As a result he ends up making wrong investment decisions.

Portfolio Review & Restructuring Scheme :

We at MEFCOM have introduced a scheme called as personal portfolio re-structuring plan (PPRP) for both existing as well prospective clients of MEFCOM. Under this plan, individual portfolio’s will be analysed and a balanced portfolio plan would be recommended to the Clients. We charge an introductory fees of Rs. 1,000 per portfolio containing maximum 10 scrips. For more than 10 scrips, we charge upto Rs. 500.00 per scrip for such advisory services.

We at MEFCOM adopt the “Financial Planning Approach” to identify the appropriate investment product suitable for a client.. We interact with the client & based on such an interaction perform a “NEEDS- ANALYSIS” of the individual client and design a customised investment plan for each client. The plan is designed to “MAXIMISE THE CLIENT’S WEALTH” and it takes into account the individual client’s financial resources, risk appetite, the purpose for which the investment is made e.g. for children’s higher education / retirement planning and tax benefits. At this stage we do not stop after preparation and implementation of the Investment plan but we continue to monitor the same on a day to day basis. We advise our clients to make the necessary changes in the plan depending upon the market scenario from time to time and according to the objectives/triggers which may be pre-decided upon in consultation with the client.

We at MEFCOM have deployed Research Analysts & Relationship Managers who are HIGHLY EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL to carry out the above activities of Investment Advisory and Wealth Management Services on behalf of our clients without compromising our fiduciary role as the trustee for the client. We also draw upon our strong network of Corporate Clients and High Networth Individuals & huge retail clients to market the financial services.

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